“I have known Jen for many years and have been on the receiving end of yoga and Daoist practices as well as source point healing. Jen is one of the most intelligent, insightful, kind, thorough, thoughtful, and generous teachers and healers I have come in contact with in my own 20 or so year career as a professional in embodied practices. Most recently I had been suffering from pain in my hip joint that had limited my movement for several months. Jen spent at least an hour and a half, if not more, using various techniques in source point healing. Afterwards, I felt a marked improvement in my hip mobility and ease from pain, which continued to increase throughout the following days. This was about three months ago now and that pain is gone and my mobility is at the same point as my other hip. Simultaneously after the session I was left with a great feeling of groundedness through my feet toward the earth, spaciousness through my spine skyward, and a general sense of well-being. I highly recommend Jennifer. In addition to being a wonderful teacher and healer, she is always learning and gaining deeper understandings of form from her own disciplined practices, unending curiosity, and desire to share.” Ann

“Jen is a beautiful person and excellent teacher. I practiced yoga with Jen for many years and it is truly a complete experience, each and every time, bringing together the mind, body and spirit into wonderful balance. Jen also introduced me to Qigong and taught me the benefits of meditation. She has depth and breadth of knowledge and is always enriching her own learnings and practice. Anyone working with Jen will only find a deep and valuable resource. Jen is a true gem!” – Marsha

“Can’t tell you how much I appreciate Jen’s amazing healing work. She really has a gift and shares it generously. I had a great deep and restful night of sleep, and absolutely feel the interior space.” – Ellen

“Jen’s Qigong and Yoga classes are truly inspirational. Her calm and caring presence is always so welcome. Anyone would be extremely lucky to be her student.” – Audrey

Jennifer has the clarity and crystalline commitment of a teacher, in the true sense of the word teacher. My observation is that her life is clearly centered there in her study and intention of imparting knowledge as an act of freedom. That said, she has an understated and light touch. She has done extensive study with Master Wu and others and presents it with dignity and equanimity and joy. Her influence continues to be an empowering and healing one for me. There is no confusion here. I highly recommend Jennifer as a teacher to everyone I know and anyone reading this.”Magdalen

“I cannot possibly sing Jen’s praises enough, for she is truly one in a million—a teacher whose guidance is gentle, healing and thoughtful, ultimately leading one down a path toward awareness of what it means to align body and mind for a more centered sense of well-being. Through my practice with her, I have seen over and over again how even in larger group settings she renders a highly personalized experience for each and every student. In private 1:1 instruction, I can only imagine this is where she shines the brightest. She gives 500% and you can almost feel the transfer of energy and wellness in her touch and with each poetic word of wisdom she has to offer. I now live on the opposite coast but her teaching stays with me. It is the foundation upon which I continue to build a more mindful practice while opening my heart and mind to the world around me. Thank you, Jen!” – Brynn

“I’ve done yoga off/on for years and just never really got into it. I thought maybe I just wasn’t a yoga person. Then I took Jen’s yoga class at Equinox and it all clicked for me. I realized it wasn’t yoga but the teacher that made all the difference. Jen’s teaching is great for all levels, she loves what she does and wants to share that love and passion with all that are interested. I recently did several post-surgery healing sessions with Jen as well as restorative work and I’m happy I did that for my recovery. She has a very calm presence but full of vitality. She is a great source of knowledge due to her years of dedication to her practice and really focuses on the individual (their needs, limitations, goals, etc). So many yoga classes have become boot-camp like environments, I’ve always loved Jen’s positive and encouraging approach.” – Kelly