I teach public and private yoga and qigong lessons, as well as offer bodywork, in the New York City area. Certified in Yoga and Zero Balancing, with long-term study of Daoist movement and meditation practices, my teaching focuses on ways of moving, breathing, and being that support steadiness and inner quiet, along with strength and flexibility. Bodywork sessions are done separately from teaching, and are a great way to find further balance and ease: you rest on a massage table while I work with your body.

While the physical body is one layer we attend to, I balance this with the breath to contact the energy body, and with concentration to allow for freedom and clarity. My wish is to make your way a little softer, while recognizing we sometimes need a challenge in order to find our wings. It brings me joy to share practices that support this process, and to offer bodywork that gives you a place to rest, heal, and see through non-verbal realms.

I have deep compassion for the endurance of illness, both acute and chronic, changing us not only in the process, but thereafter. I have been through this fire as one of the many who has had a cancer diagnosis, extensive surgery, and chemotherapy. I bring this awareness to both my hands-on work and teaching; it is an awareness that embraces the unique physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual journey of each person. 

Please see the tabs above for more information on my background and teachers, as well as my contact info. I look forward to speaking with or seeing you soon!

































































































































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