I provide in-home movement and meditation lessons, as well as hands-on bodywork, in the New York City area. Certified in Yoga and Zero Balancing, with long-term study of Daoist Qigong and meditation practices, my life has been an ongoing exploration of the body, heart, and spirit—the seen and the unseen. Expansion comes lifelong as we deepen our presence with ourselves, as we touch the consciousness that places us in the greater whole and dissolves our smaller self, as we embrace the paradox and mystery of life rather than grasp at uniformity. It brings me joy to share practices that support this process, and to offer bodywork that gives others a place to rest, heal, and see through non-verbal realms.

Zero Balancing, the form of bodywork I offer, was created by Dr. Fritz Smith, Osteopath and Acupuncturist. It is done fully clothed on a massage table, amplifying health and vitality through balancing body energy with body structure. Sessions focus on touch at the bone level and can reduce discomfort and pain, promote postural alignment, and release tissue held memory. I often combine this work with energy or Qi healing from Daoist practices and studies in SourcePoint therapy. My hands are an extension of my heart and spirit; they are my connection to what is greater than myself. As a special offering, I do sessions along with the healing sounds of gongs, singing bowls, guitar and other instruments played live by Josh Tosteson. These sessions are held in Park Slope and can be one-on-one or for couples or two friends.

I have deep compassion for the endurance of illness, both acute and chronic, changing us not only in the process, but thereafter. I have been through this fire, and what I know now cannot be expressed well in words, as it presents best through the heart. I bring this awareness to both my hands-on work and teaching. It is my experience that major illness is one of the most powerful openings into that which we all eventually face – the impermanence of our physical body and singularity. It is one of the most fierce and loving teachers.

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